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The Elder Scrolls Blades Now Available On Switch

The Elder Scrolls Blades has finally been ported to the Nintendo Switch, following an announcement last year and last detail we got from the Nintendo Download round-up which announced the game was going to be released on May 12. Now two days later, we can finally get our hands on the game. The game is an action role-playing game that gives you a first-person perspective, like previous Elder Scrolls games. Elder Scrolls Blades is more combat-focused than the other entries, however, with encounters taking up most of the gameplay. Also, the game isn’t as open-world as other games in the series.

Video: Direct-Feed Games

Information on the Nintendo eShop listing details that you can customize your character, travel in the Abyss for an endless challenge, and take part in Arena battle against other opponents. The game supports cross-play so you can join up with friends on mobile devices, and cross-save if you want to swap back and forth. The Elder Scrolls Blades has a meta-goal of creating and customizing your very own city. The Quick Start Edition for $15 includes 30,000 Gold, 2,000 Gems, building materials, a Sylvan Fountain decoration, and Bloodfall King gear.

What do you think about The Elder Scrolls Blades for the Switch? Let me know down below.

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