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Bethesda Stays Committed to Fallout 76 with New 2020 Roadmap

Screenshot: Bethesda

The travesty that was Fallout 76, you’ve got to give credit to Bethesda for sticking with the game even after its disaster of a launch. The recent Wastelanders update got positive reactions from its fanbase, and there’s even more for those still playing to look forward to. Bethesda recently released a new content roadmap that outlines three major updates coming between now and 2021, and it will change the way you play alongside new events and missions.

This new roadmap will begin this summer with Seasons. This has an original progression path that comes with its own set of challenges and rewards: Perk Card packs, Atom Bundles, and unique cosmetics. You’ll also be able to compete in a new legendary boss event, gain more high-level perks, and form public teams. The next one up is coming this fall and is called One Wasteland For All. This update is said to offer rewards that scale to your level (making co-op play much easier) and rebalance combat. The new Steel Dawn questline will give you things to do, and a Season 2 refresh serves up more progression routes.

Screenshot: Bethesda

Last but not least, Fractured Steel will release this winter. You will be able to build loadouts to change perks quickly and also go on Expeditions. These are essentially repeatable missions alongside another seasonal refresh. Also, The Brotherhood of Steel will invade Appalachia. It will provide a continuation of Steel Dawn’s storyline with more quests, NPCs to interact with, and companions to take on missions with.

It seems like Bethesda is really trying their best to please the fans of Fallout 76, and this sizeable update will surely please them.Will you give Fallout 76 another shot? Let me know down below.

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