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Ubisoft Has One More Big Hit Game From A Major Series

Screenshot: Ubisoft

The company Ubisoft has five major AAA titles due to be released before the end of the next financial year, one of these titles is yet to be revealed. During the company’s latest financial report, they claimed of having “the most ambitious line-up of the industry,” and teased a game that they haven’t announced yet. Granted, what the company has already revealed that there are only a few options on the table for what game it could be.

Maybe, there’s an obvious question worth asking here — is it Splinter Cell? There could very well be a chance of it being that. But with what Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot has said, the franchise and character could return once Ubisoft is able to “do something novel” with it. A sequel to The Crew and Driver also feel less likely than a new Far Cry entry, Far Cry 4 and 5 did sell well. But a new Prince of Persia game is due, or maybe even a remaster with updated visuals and quality-of-life adjustments. Apparently, the series was scheduled for a comeback several years ago, but the project was scrapped. The report also stated that the studio would release other games with “deep social layers,” such as Brawlhalla, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, and Roller Champions.

Screenshot: Ubisoft

We still have no word if Ubisoft will bring more games to the Switch in the next financial year. But we can expect Rainbow Six: Siege on the PS5 and XSX at launch. What are your thoughts on this? What title do you think Ubisoft is saving? Let me know down below.

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