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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Ultra Instinct Goku Trailer

Who else is excited for Ultra Instinct Goku hitting Dragon Ball FighterZ on May 22? I sure am, and while I’m waiting for the DLC to be released, Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for Goku’s seventh iteration.

This new trailer isn’t too different from the one that was released earlier this month. Nevertheless, it does feature some more dynamic camera angels showing Ultra Instinct Goku in all of his silvery glory. The trailer, shown below shows Goku battling it out against another DLC character, Kefla, in his Super Saiyan Blue form before transforming into Ultra Instinct. After his fight with Kefla, Ultra Instinct Goku goes on to face Jiren while using many of the abilities shown in his release date trailer, such as teleports and counterattacks.

Now Playing: Dragon Ball FighterZ – Ultra Instinct Goku Launch Trailer | Video: Bandai Namco

You can get both Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku as part of DBFZ’s Fighter Pass 3, which retails for $20 on all platforms. The DLC is bundled with three more additional fighters as well, but developer Arc System Works has yet to reveal who they are. There is also an option to purchase each character individually for $5.

Are you excited to play as Ultra Instinct Goku on DBFZ? Let me know your thoughts down below.

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