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Sony To Announce “Compelling” PS5 Game Lineup Soon

The next generation of consoles is around the corner, but we hardly saw that many new games for either of the new platforms. But Sony has other plans, during their recent investor meeting, the company is preparing to show off their PlayStation 5 lineup.

During a Sony corporate strategy meeting, the company said that they plan to “introduce a compelling lineup of titles soon” for the new platform. The phrasing is somewhat vague, but that could mean it can happen at any time. The PS5 is still targeting a fall launch, so we can expect to see more detail sometime during the summer.

Usually, a big console reveal would be planned for an event like E3, but Sony took themselves out of the event before it was even cancelled. During the strategy meeting, Sony also noted that game demand is up due to current events, PlayStation Plus subscriptions have now topped 41.5 million. We’re getting glimpses of the next-generation of consoles, and the Inside Xbox presentation focused on third-party games coming to Xbox Series X, with many coming to the PS5. But, the event was short on its promise of actual gameplay, leading to some fans disappointed. Shortly after, Epic Games released a live demo of their upcoming Unreal Engine 5 running on PS5 hardware, giving us some ideas of what to expect on next-gen platforms.

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