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Pokemon GO Players Can Now Obtain Sword/Shield Pokemon

Its been revealed that Pokemon GO players can get their hands on Generation 8 Pokemon from the latest entry in the series, Sword and Shield, will arrive today on the app.

Developer Niantic is jumping ahead this year, as they usually introduce a new generation of Pokemon every year as summer comes to an end. It seems like they’re offering Galar region Pokemon in a different time frame like they usually do. Who knows if this decision will be for the Galar region only or it’ll be for future releases as well.

The two new Pokemon you can obtain today are Galarian Meowth (evolves into Perrserker) and Galarian Zigzagoon (which evolves into Obstagoon). Thanks to Eurogamer, below is a screenshot showing Perrserker in your Pokedex.

Screenshots: Eurogamer

If you look at the screenshot of the Pokedex above, you’ll see that the Galar region is just underneath Unova (Generation 5). Kalo and Alola (Generation 6 and 7), is still now featured in the game as of yet, but it’ll no doubt arrive at a later date. According to data mining, it says that Pokemon from these regions are ready to be released, so maybe it’s only a matter of time.

You can get Galarian Meowth and Zigzagoon from 7km eggs, and the former is also available as a reward in the new Throwback Challenge Champion research.

Let me know down below if you still play Pokemon GO, and will you be catching these new Pokemon?

(Source: Eurogamer)

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