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Digital Foundry Covers The Outer Worlds For The Nintendo Switch

When I first heard that The Outer Worlds was making its way on the Nintendo Switch, I wondered how it would fair, since the game itself is very demanding. Thanks to Digital Foundry, they took a closer look at the new Switch version. Unfortunately, the results are very disappointing due to the game’s sacrifices in visuals, performance and issues like pop-in and long loading times.

Below are essential points from the video:

Huge reduction in detail for the Switch version:

– This pertains to model complexity, texture resolution, and overall density

– Geometry has been simplified, including rock formations, pieces of the ship, buildings, and more

– Character models see a reduction in geometry and detail

– 1080p resolution docked, but averages at 720p

– Average resolution is 520p with dips as low as 384p in portable mode

– Depth-of-field is absent during dialog sequences

– Pop-in occurs most of the time

– The game would pause during random moments

– The games loading is longer than all other versions of the game

– Big areas takes much longer to loading (30+ seconds)

– Lots of slow down occurs when playing

– Not all in-game objects made it on the Switch version

– Volumetric cloud system is not featured on Switch

– Ambient occlusion appears to have been removed

– Character interaction is intact most of the time, there’s a light behind their the NPCs head in certain scenes

– Screen space reflections and screen space shadows are present on Switch version, though they have been reduced in quality

– The game tried to traget 30 frames per second, but there are issues with frame pacing and drops while playing

– Theres not much of a difference between docked and portable


What do you think of Digital Foundry’s analysis on The Outer Worlds for the Nintendo Switch? Are you disappointed or not surprised? Let me know in the comment section below.

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