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This Is What The PS5 Looks Like – PlayStation 5 Hardware Reveal

During the PlayStation 5 reveal event, people were itching with anticipation for Sony to show how the PlayStation 5 console would look, and for the first time, we get our first clear image of the PlayStation 5.

The PS5 hardware bears a resemblance to the new DualSense controller, which is as expected. Having a two-month debut before the hardware, the DualSense controller showed off its sleek and refined form factor, and a new dual-tone design. The PS5 hardware features match the controller with its own design. The console was shown off standing, but to give you peace of mind, you can lay the system on its side as well.

The new DualSense controller also features haptic and adaptive triggers, giving developers the freedom to adjust the trigger tension and provide more precise feedback, than the classic tech previous controllers had. The controller will keep the DualShock 4’s light bar, but the placement has been configured a bit.

Sony also revealed that, much like Microsoft’s Xbox One and its ‘S’ variant, the PS5 would also be accessible in two options: one with a disk drive and one without it. The diskless model, called the Digital Edition, bares the same similarities and form factor but is noticeably slimmer. Now for the release date and price, Sony did not announce it during the reveal event, but that will come on a later date the company says.

What do you think of the new PlayStation 5 hardware reveal? Comment down below and let me know your thoughts. 

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