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First Look At Halo Infinite Campaign Mode Confirmed For Xbox Games Showcase

We already know that Halo Infinite will be part of Microsoft’s big Xbox Games Showcase event on July 23, and 343 Industries, the developers behind the project has revealed it will give us a first look at the game’s campaign mode. These details have been confirmed on Halo’s official website in the latest development update: […]

New Badass Ghost of Tsushima Japanease Trailer

The PlayStation 4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima is only one week away. With pre-load, now available for digital pre-orders, Sucker Punch’s latest trailer shows the beauty and cinematic feel this title has to offer and why a lot of fans are hyped for this title. You can watch the trailer embedded above from PlayStation Japan. […]

Rumour: A Set Of Unknown SKUs Pop-up For The Nintendo Switch In GameStop’s Database

Four unknown titles are listed for the Switch, and these images are making rounds around the web from GameStop’s internal database. Each of these has the name “Available SKU” with a December 31 release date and a $59.99 price point.  Many Nintendo fans have associated the addition of the new SKUs with the Nintendo Direct […]

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